We had a fantastic Red Nose Day at Inglefield Nursing Home in Totland Bay, Isle of Wight! The staff team dressed up for the residents and held a parade. The residents then judged the best costumes – the winners being the 2 Little Red Riding Hoods! We also held a bake sale raising money for Comic Relief.

For more info on Inglefield Nursing Home please visit our webpage HERE or our Facebook page HERE.

Dear all,

We are holding a meeting between staff and relatives on the 19th April at 14.00. Please do come along to discuss anything you would like!

Best wishes,

Kingland House Team

We are looking for a full time nurse to join our excellent team at our friendly nursing home in Fareham.


Principal Responsibilities:

  • To promote professional, clinical and holistic care for the residents.
  • To maintain and monitor the health and welfare of the residents
  • To manage the care staff team and allocate duties



  • The post holder will be a Registered Nurse with expertise in the care of elderly people, and will form part of the team; they will be responsible for the good management of the Home during his/her span of duty, with regard for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the residents.
  • The philosophy of care is to provide a positive environment in which, as a team, encourage independence for as long as possible, offering support and help to meet individual residents needs whenever necessary.
  • Our fundamental principles are those of personal dignity, privacy and respect as an adult human being with a need for creative activity, priority and fellowship at appropriate times and with the right to be consulted and to choose in all matters affecting his/her health and welfare.


Functional, Professional and Administrative

  1. To supervise work of other staff working the shift.
  2. To prepare and receive reports at shift changes.
  3. To maintain custody of medications, checking and witnessing their administration and recording same.
  4. Assisting and reporting to authorised medical practitioners and to Matron. Ascertaining medical treatment and receiving related instructions.
  5. Carrying out nursing procedures and treatments and to participate in all day to day personal resident care.
  6. To assist in the direction and training of Auxiliary staff.
  7. To participate in the development and implementation of activities and outings, to give a better quality of life for all residents.
  8. To follow the nursing care plan and discuss with Matron any progress, changes required or further ideas as and when they arise, at an appointed time.
  9. To ensure any residents receive special diets as ordered, and to participate in the meal time routine.
  10. To be aware of the N.M.C. code of professional conduct and Health and Safety requirements.
  11. To maintain any such records and charts as may have been previously notified.
  12. To be fully conversant with the procedures for dealing with resident enquiries, and to assist in the reception and admission of residents in accordance with the standing procedures.
  13. To have regard to the condition and serviceability of equipment within the Home and to liaise with Matron/Home Manager in this respect.
  14. To have regard at all times to the aims and ideals of the management of …Nursing Home and to maintain good order and discipline within the Home.
  15. To ensure adequate staff cover for each shift.
  16. To receive and distribute mail to all residents, and the management as necessary.
  17. To communicate with residents, relatives and visitors and to refer to Matron as necessary.
  18. To attend such fire precaution lectures and demonstrations as management shall see fit to arrange.
  19. To perform any such duty as may be necessary to ensure the smooth efficient running of the Home, and to maintain the welfare and well being of all residents.
  20. To work as a member of the team to create a homelike, supportive, stimulating and comfortable environment within the Home, including organising housekeeping duties as are necessary for the residents’ comfort and well being, and for the efficient running of the Home.
  21. To introduce new members of staff to their duties.
  22. To refer to Matron/Home Manager any staff problems that are not resolved on her shift.
  23. To hand over to the RGN coming on duty at the end of each shift.
  24. To attend and participate in staff meetings.


  1. To give medication as prescribed in accordance with medication policy and procedure.


  1. To be up to date at all times with mandatory training
  2. To attend other appropriate training
  3. To teach relevant information and knowledge to other staff

On Sunday we had a very special day at Blackwater Mill Residential Home. Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of the Isle of Wight, Major General Martin White, visited us to present one of our residents, John Higgins with the Légion d’Honneur. This is the highest decoration one can receive in France. It was presented to Mr Higgins to thank him for the part he played in the D day landings, helping to free the European continent from the Nazis. At Blackwater we held a big party for him where the marine band came to play and local papers attended! All the other residents had a great time joining in and watching the show. Thank you to all who attended.


We had a very special occasion to celebrate yesterday – our lovely resident Babs turned 100! We had a visit from Portsmouth Football club (plus a signed card!), the mayor of Poole, Xena Dion and singer Rebecca who sang Babs a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday! See more pictures on our Facebook page by clicking here.

Congratulations Babs!

We are seeking a part time cook to join our team at Willow Bank House. Applicants will need to be available to work 2 days per week, including alternate weekends. The shifts will be 7.30am – 5.30pm. Experience required. We look forward to hearing from you!



  1. The planning, preparation, cooking and serving of meals with due regard to the current food hygiene regulations and the provision of well balanced, nutritious and varied menus.
  2. The ordering of food and checking of items received.  Dating of frozen or refrigerated stock.
  3. The issuing of stores and day to day stock control, ensuring correct stock rotation.
  4. To liaise with suppliers with regard to ordering and purchasing of quality produces.
  5. To liaise with suppliers and ensure value for money.
  6. To provide a selection of foods for choice by residents.
  7. To provide special diets as required.
  8. Ensuring fridge and freezer temperatures are recorded daily.
  9. Regular reviews of menus in conjunction with the manager.
  10. Responsibility for cleaning of all utensils and the preparation of meals, ensuring the kitchen is left tidy and clean at the end of each shift.
  11. Ensuring the cleaning programme is adhered to and is regularly reviewed.
  12. To supervise kitchen staff and report the manager of any problems.
  13. Ensure effective participation in training programmes and fire drills.
  14. Responsibility for ensuring the correct use and care of kitchen equipment in line with Health& Safety guidelines.
  15. Report any defects in equipment immediately.
  16. Report any concerns immediately.
  17. Staff who work long days are entitled to a meal and the cook should ensure that this is available.
  18. Responsibility for the cleaning of the staff fridge on a weekly basis.

We are looking for an activities coordinator to join our fantastic team at our residential home Willow Bank House, near Throckmorton. The shifts will be over 4 days a week including alternate weekends from 8am – 4pm. Applicants should have experience with dementia clients, great communication skills and lots of enthusiasm!

Purpose of the position:

  • To organise and participate in the development of activities for residents who reside at the home in which they can enjoy and which will enhance their quality of life
  • To offer a range of activities which enables each resident to express themselves as a unique individual
  • To organise outside entertainment, parties and outings on a regular basis

Key Accountabilities:

  • Deliver the daily/weekly/monthly activities program
  • To organise monthly trips/outings for the clients, take photos and keep a record of such
  • To keep a record of all activities attended by clients and take photos
  • Plan suitable craft activities recognising the needs of all clients’ abilities
  • To carry out one-to-one visits and activities for clients in their own rooms
  • To publish the monthly newsletter using photos from the past month
  • Working with the management team to provide a varied and interesting program for clients restricted by medical complications
  • Management of an activities budget
  • Attendance of appropriate staff training
  • To attend client meetings and take notes
  • To assist in the serving of foods and feeding of residents where required
  • To provide a written/typed monthly program
  • To set up a library of books/articles of interest
  • To ensure that all clients are made aware of activities
  • To be responsible for organising clients’ birthday parties and the purchase of birthday cards
  • To do any shopping that may be required to carry out the activities
  • To work and liaise with external entertainers, volunteers, volunteer drivers and external agencies
  • To show patience, consideration and empathy to all residents
  • To listen to the residents and respect their opinions
  • Ensure that statutory health and safety standards are maintained within the working area
  • Report immediately to the home Manager, or person in charge, any illness of an infectious nature or accident incurred by a client, colleague, self or other
  • Understand and ensure the implementation of the home’s health and safety policy and emergency and fire procedures
  • Report to the home manager, person in charge or the maintenance man any faulty appliances, damaged furniture, equipment or any potential hazard
  • Promote and ensure the good reputation of the home
  • Ensure that confidential information gained during your work is not divulged to any third parties
  • Notify the person in charge of the home as soon as possible of your inability to attend work and on your return to work from all periods of absence
  • Ensure the security of the home is maintained always
  • Attend any mandatory training required of you both inside and outside of the home
  • Carry out any other tasks which may be reasonably assigned to you

Last week the residents at West Bank Residential Home in Ross on Wye had a great time flower arranging! What a talented bunch we have here!


For more info on West Bank Residential Home and for any enquiries, please visit our webpage by clicking here  or visit our Facebook page by clicking here 

We had a lovely visitor last week in the form of a fur ball! This little beauty has yet to be named but was very happy sitting on resident Barbara’s lap!