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Home Manager (Merry Hall, Fareham)

We are seeking an experienced Care Home Manager to head up our friendly nursing home in Fareham. The applicant need not be a Nurse. The successful applicant will have experience in managing a care home in the past and achieved a ‘Good’ CQC rating.

Responsible to General Manager & Deputy General Manager

Purpose of Position:

To promote professional, caring, administrative and financial arrangements, training and care planning within the home. To maintain and monitor the health and welfare of the residents. To manage the premises and prevent untoward neglect of furnishings and fitments. To manage the business and maintain a viable state. To promote professional, clinical and holistic care for the residents.

Key Accountabilities:

Professional and Management.

  • To conduct care and management in such a way so as not to bring the home or its residents into disrepute.
  • To maintain confidentiality regarding all aspects of care and management of the Home.
  • To inform the General Manager if any serious difficulty or abnormality takes place.
  • To delegate responsibility within legal boundaries.
  • To check all fire equipment weekly and conduct fire drill’s quarterly.
  • To be knowledgeable regarding Health & Safety at work including environmental health.
  • To be knowledgeable with regards to Working Time Directives of 1998.
  • To hold staff meeting when necessary.
  • To ensure on-call cover 24hours by yourself or other senior staff.
  • To market the home to maintain full occupancy.
  • To register as manager with CQC.


  • To ensure that all goods and equipment is used within the span of duty and beyond are available.
  • To investigate complaints and follow procedures for their resolution.
  • To be involved in the selection of staff.
  • To prevent all forms of abuse and harassment be it sexual, physical, mental, verbal, racial or financial.
  • To ensure that food is prepared and presented in an acceptable manner.
  • To foster good working relationships.
  • To participate in staff meetings.
  • To be aware of all procedures within the home.
  • To comply with CQC as in the local authority guidelines.
  • To maintain proper and accurate records regarding the residents and other home information.
  • To be knowledgeable regarding the whereabouts of all residents at all times.
  • To bring to the attention of the General Manager any repairs and renewals of fitments and fittings.
  • To resolve problems arising in the home, and if possible, where problems persist, to refer to the relevant person.


  • To control and manage budgets under your care.
  • To ensure that all residents have what is legally their property.
  • To receive and keep secure any fees received on behalf of the proprietors.
  • To supervise the residents amenities fund.


  • To administer medication as prescribed, with proper monitoring of the drug, dosage, time, route and person to whom it is given.
  • To ensure that medication is administered correctly within the bounds of choice, and to monitor for any normal, positive or negative effect of that drug.
  • To deliver care of the highest standard ensuring that skills are maintained by training and following the guidelines of evidence based practice
  • To maintain the highest possible standards of care, safety and comfort of the residents
  • Meet the resident’s nutritional needs
  • Safeguard residents from abuse
  • To have knowledge of and the use of any equipment within the home. To check its usability weekly.
  • To be knowledgeable regarding emergency procedures.
  • To respond to the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental needs of the residents.
  • To liase with residents, staff, GPs and other multi-disciplinary team members to promote good care.
  • To monitor residents hygiene and self care.

Care Planning

  • To influence and monitor care, utilising the nursing process.
  • To write report on daily events.
  • To involve those agencies who have an input into a residents care plan.
  • To ensure that all relevant information is handed over at the change of shifts.


  • To be up to date with recent care developments, attend relevant courses and teach other staff in all aspect of relevant care.
  • To develop training methods for the improvement of residents’ rehabilitative processes, with hands on involvement as required.
  • To teach relevant information and knowledge to other staff.
  • To take part in induction training of all new staff.
  • To participate in and to encourage care studies in order to give a wider understanding of residents’ abilities and problems.
  • To maintain NVQ training with assistance of staff assessors.
  • To ensure training matrix is kept up to date for all staff.

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