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General Maintenance Person (Woodland Court, Portchester)

We are looking for a maintenance person to join our friendly team at Woodland Court Residential Home in Portchester, Hampshire. Experience in general maintenance including basic plumbing, electrics and painting and decorating is required. Experience in tiling and carpet fitting would be very beneficial.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • To provide a maintenance service for the home and to call in the services of outside contractors where appropriate with the Manager’s permission.
  • To maintain and upkeep all areas of the home to an acceptable standard.

Key Accountabilities:

  • To carry out routine maintenance from the issues listed in the home’s maintenance book and keep record of these issues and repairs
  • To carry out planned maintenance from work identified and discussed with the homeowners, which can include repairs, redecoration and other activities
  • To carry out unplanned maintenance for any breakages or fault to an item of home equipment
  • To recognise personal limitations when carrying out maintenance activities and to call in the services of outside contractors with the permission of the Manager
  • To provide maintenance and general upkeep of the home including cleaning of carpets
  • Ensure that statutory Health and Safety standards are maintained within the working area
  • Understand and ensure the implementation of the home’s Health and Safety policy and Emergency and Fire procedures
  • Report to the home manager or person in charge if there are any faulty appliances, damaged furniture, equipment or any potential hazard
  • Promote and ensure the good reputation of the home
  • Ensure that confidential information gained in the course of your duty is not divulged to any third parties
  • Notify the person in charge of the home as soon as possible of your inability to report for duty and also on your return to work from all periods of absence
  • Ensure the security of the home is maintained at all times
  • Attend any mandatory training required of you both inside and outside of the home
  • Carry out any other tasks which may be reasonably assigned to you