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Laundry Assistant (Willow Bank, Worcester)

We are seeking a laundry assistant to join the team at Willow Bank Residential Home. The applicant will ideally have some commercial laundry or cleaning experience and will be reliable.

Principal Responsibilities

  • To provide a laundry service at the home.
  • Ensure that all clothes are returned to their rightful owner or place.
  • To ensure the laundry is maintained to a high standard of cleanliness

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Sort the clients’ washing into relevant groups, where applicable, and process it through the washer, drier and iron.
  • Keep clean and dirty linen separate within the laundry area.
  • Seek out the name for any clothes that are not marked and if unable to ascertain this place them into the appropriate area after they have been laundered.
  • Identify any repairs that are required and inform the key worker of the client concerned.
  • Ensure that the laundry room is kept clean and tidy.
  • Ensure that lint trays/vents are cleaned, and that the floor is mopped daily.
  • Use appropriate protective clothing when dealing with soiled/infected linen.
  • Ensure that statutory health and safety standards are maintained within the laundry area.
  • Report immediately to the Home Manager, or person in charge, any illness of an infectious nature or accident incurred by a client, colleague, self or other.
  • Understand and ensure the implementation of the home’s health and safety policy and emergency and fire procedures.
  • Report to the home manager, person in charge or the maintenance man any faulty appliances, damaged furniture, equipment or any potential hazard.
  • Promote and ensure the good reputation of the home.
  • Ensure that confidential information gained in the course of your duty is not divulged to any third parties.
  • Notify the person in charge of the home as soon as possible of your inability to report for duty and also on your return to work form for all periods of absence.