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Merry Hall Residents Take a Trip to Garson’s Garden Centre

Garson’s Outing

We went to Garson’s garden centre

On a mini bus

Bob was our driver

He didn’t make a fuss

He got us on and off, with ease

His every intention was to please

A nicer man you could not meet

Soon had everyone in their seats

Off we set – along country lanes

Fortunately, it hadn’t rained

All the fields were beautifully green

A very picturesque scene

We were met by daughters and sons

Who had come to push wheelchairs for

Their Mums and Dads

We all met up in the coffee shop

For coffee, cakes and a catch up

We all sat out in the warm sunshine

Having a truly lovely time

Then it was back on the bus

Again, no fuss

A happy bunch

Home for lunch

Sharon Nolan – Activities Co-ordinator

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