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A Real Easter Bunny Arrives At Inglefield

Inglefield Nursing Home residents in Totland Bay, Isle of Wight are ecstatic after a very special, furry arrival joined them this Easter, Boris the bunny. Boris, named by the residents after the Prime Minister, has won the hearts of all the Inglefield family. Boris is a permanent addition to the home and has already settled in brilliantly.

Leah, our Wellbeing & Activities Coordinator says, “We have already seen a new lease of life from the residents, especially the residents with dementia. Each morning, I take Boris round to them in the activities lounge. He brightens up Inglefield and has brought a lot of joy to the home in this short period of time. They absolutely adore him.”

Leah also take Boris around to residents who are unable to leave their rooms, which is very well received.

Boris was just one part of our Easter celebrations which lasted for days with one celebration seeing the staff dress up in their brightest clothes to celebrate the arrival of Spring (see below).

Boris has been featured in the Isle of Wight Observer (click to see the article) and also has his own Instagram account. You can find him at www.instagram.com/boris_the_bunny01/.


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