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Inglefield Residents Enjoy A ‘Great Escape’ With Virtual Reality

Our residents at Inglefield Nursing & Residential Home have been able to enjoy their favourite pastimes once more with the help of Virtual Reality. ‘The Great Escape’ project run by Evolve Multimedia has been working closely with residents at Inglefield to discover and then capture their favourite experiences which they sadly can no longer participate in due to various health reasons.

There are all kinds of experiences to choose from and Evolve have been creating bespoke ones too. From walking through the woods, taking a trip on a steam train, to even riding a motorbike down the military road! There have been some lovely reactions as when someone is immersed in the experience as they evoke old memories.

One resident, Bill, 98, asked for the motorbike ride and after the experience he said ‘I never imagined I would be able to do this again’ and laughed while remembering times he enjoyed riding his motorbike around the island before the speed limits.

Each film is prepared with a deep understanding of dementia and some of the films come with smells to enhance the even experience further.

The manager Alison Gray said ‘We are very excited to be able to bring the outside in for our residents and bring old hobbies back in such a realistic way. It has been a very empowering experience for all those in our care and is improving our residents’ wellbeing.’


To find out more please call Inglefield Nursing Home on 01983 755559 or email inglefield@bucklandcare.co.uk.

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